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A Christian Home School Community Above And Beyond Academy

Greetings from the Administrator

We welcome you to explore how a partnership with Above and Beyond Academy will

strengthen your homeschooling efforts.

You have the opportunity to join an academy instilled with loyalty, integrity, experience, employing methods that truly work. You are investing in your children, your most valued possessions, and the returns are immeasurable.

Raising our children is the most important privilege and responsibility that we will ever have. Raising kids is never easy - it's hard work. We must be vigilant as we raise our children to be world-changers.

I encourage you to learn more about the ways in which Above and Beyond Academy will prepare your family to develop a lifelong love of learning in your home.

We are committed to the excellence of homeschooling families

               •AABA will prepare you to homeschool the way you want to homeschool

               •Stress will no longer overwhelm you or hinder your homeschool plans---

                There is a way to homeschool and have joy in the Lord

               •Dramatically improve the quality of your daily life as you learn to recognize

                God's guidance to know what to do, when, and why

               •Get your kids excited about their studies in order to become better team players

               •Know when to instruct, mentor, encourage, and challenge your kids.

                Discover how and when to discipline

               •We specialize in student character traits, spiritual and behavioral development


               •We overcome learning challenges

               •Our emphasis: preparing high school students for higher education

              •Train your students to be leaders of today and of the future

30 years of leadership experience

Privileged with 20 years of graduating high school students

Prepping for College academics, assisting students for

Higher education, Mission fields, Christian ministries, Armed Forces

Recent experience in preparing students for

Universities, Master degrees, Graduate schools, & Doctorate degrees

CHECC Founder & Council - Christian Education Speaker

Your home, Your school, Our home-school mission …

At Above and Beyond Academy, children are taught a Christian education in a family designed learning environment that is essential and unique for their individual needs

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