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Enrollment Details

Record of Teacher Qualification:  listing the qualification you and your spouse have to teach your children, the most important being you are the parents. Include work or volunteer experience, degrees, certificates or other education classes or seminars, meetings, training, or lectures you or your spouse have attended, or anything else you feel qualifies you as your child's teacher.

Authorization for Release of School Records: allowing us to send for your student's Cumulative Records if they were previously enrolled in another school.

Complete the forms and return them to Above and Beyond Academy.

Please don’t forget to include your Registration fee.

Membership in HSLDA. As a member of AABA you are eligible for the discounted annual rate of $95. Significant discounts are also available for 2-year, 5-year and lifetime memberships. If finances are tight, please call Home School Legal Defense Association to discuss your situation.


If you are not already a member of HSLDA, you will need to join upon acceptance at Above and Beyond Academy. This can be done online at    

Prior to an interview/family meeting, complete the Registration for Enrollment Application, Code of Conduct, Statement of Faith, Parent Contract, and return them to the office, along with your payment.

**After submitting the application, families who have applied should contact the Admissions Office to schedule their family meeting appointment.

We prefer to have husbands at our meeting so they may ask questions, become informed, and get acquainted at our relaxed meeting. This is a time to share your life story with us. Following our Meeting, we will process your enrollment. You will be notified of a new members meeting date and at that meeting you will receive your ABBA handbook. To help you plan your homeschool design that works best for you.